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Tips to make a house level so minimalist and cool

Tips for Making a Minimalist Level House

In the last 10 years, the type or model of the dream house of many people is a minimalist model house, this model is very popular among many people. Not only beautiful to look at, luxurious, or elegant, but a minimalist house will also have less land and the selling price can also be higher every time, especially if the type of house is minimalist.

Wanting a minimalist but multi-storey house so that you have more space can indeed be the best choice for those of you who want a large but minimalist house. Having a narrow land can be a big house by building it to be multi-storey even though it has a minimalist model.

If you are planning to build a house with narrow or improvised land, then you can build a minimalist level house by considering the following tips so that your residential home becomes a comfortable and quiet home to live in.

Minimalist Level House Tips
In building a minimalist level house, there are many considerations that you must take into account, such as the following tips that you should not miss.

Create Concepts And Pictures Of The House To The Inside
In making a terraced house, you don’t think about the outdoors or just outside the house, but you have to make the concept of the house from the outside to the inside of the house, be it the laying of the room or other things that you should also consider. This is in order to find out how wide each room is and whether it will not look cramped or what.

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Choose a Neutral Paint Color
To give a minimalist impression to a house, you have to give paint with a neutral color, don’t use bright colors because it will not show the minimalism of a house. If you want to add a light color then you can add it to the furniture or the hangers on the walls of the house.

Use Symmetrical Furniture
The next minimalist level home tip that you can consider is to use symmetrical furniture or furniture in the room, don’t choose furniture that is too large and not symmetrical to your room. Make sure to choose the right furniture.

Use Multiple Windows
If you want to add a luxurious impression to your minimalist home, then you have to use lots of windows for your home, it’s better if the windows are full of glass on the second floor so that your home looks luxurious.

Use the Right Light Color
Use lighting such as lights that match the color of your home concept, for example lights with slightly warm colors at the garden or on your terrace. as well as the color of the lights in other parts of the house which also has an important role in the minimalist appearance of your home.

That’s the information about tips for making a minimalist level house that looks luxurious even though it’s only not so big.

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