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Tips for Choosing Bathroom Wall Tiles to Look Luxurious

Tips for Choosing Bathroom Wall Tiles to Look Luxurious

Bathroom wall tiles are one of the main views that color and give the impression of being comfortable in it. Dark and gloomy colors can easily give the impression of horror. Colors that are too bright also make it uncomfortable when cleaning yourself.

The interior design of the bathroom is actually not much influenced by size. Because the most important thing needed is the facilities and equipment that function in it. You may need a sink, toilet, shower and faucet as the main property. The rest of the equipment such as shelves and pools of water can adjust their shape.

Tips for Choosing Bathroom Wall Ceramics

Properties in the form of ceramics are generally installed at the earliest and are not replaced for a long time. Therefore it is necessary to be selective when choosing a design so that your bathroom looks luxurious and comfortable. To get a luxurious impression, bathroom wall tiles can be arranged with the following motifs:

  1. Natural Stone
    use natural stone natural color according to the room around it. For example gray for the surrounding space which tends to be blue, silver, or nude. Or a yellowish stone motif to match the beige and ivory color of the surrounding room.

You can use smooth or wavy ceramics according to the texture in the motif. Of course the price of ceramics with a rough texture is different from that of a smooth one. In this case the wall texture doesn’t have much effect on function, it’s just that plain textures are easier to clean than wavy ones.

  1. Combination of Motives
    You can combine bathroom wall ceramic motifs, by combining the differences from one side to the other. For example, on one side of the stripe motif, the other side with a gradient motif. Make sure the color chosen is only slightly different so as not to create an uncomfortable contrast.
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You can also put polka dots on one side and triangular shapes with tight stripes on the other. To determine the right combination, you can consult with the builders and adjust to the tastes of other residents.

  1. Material Combination
    You don’t have to apply ceramic to all sides of the bathroom. For example, tiles are installed on two sides, the other side uses wood as a barrier with a rinse room next to it, and on the other side a frosted glass wall is installed which also functions as a door.

The combination of materials can adjust to the available budget and overall function. For bathroom walls that are in the main bedroom or bedroom, it doesn’t matter if you use glass or wood. Meanwhile, for public bathrooms, of course, you have to adjust to the needs of many people.

In general, tips for choosing bathroom wall tiles can be adjusted to the goals and overall design of the house that the owner wants. Make sure the resulting function remains optimal without sacrificing aesthetics. Another suggestion, put items that are rarely used in the bathroom such as a floor brush outside so they don’t always get wet.

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