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Greenhouse Shed Plans 8×8

All Our Shed Plans Feature:

  • FREE – How To Build A Shed eBook included with every shed plans purchase.
  • Cost Effective – Our shed plans are designed to make your shed simple and inexpensive to build.
  • Easy To Build From – Professionally drawn with step by step instructions to show both an old pro or a first time framer how to build a shed. (see the plans example below).
  • Start Now – Instant download – The shed plans are emailed to you when you purchase so you can start immediately. We use the free PDF file format so you can print them on your home printer or we can postal mail them to you.
  • Materials List – Easily get bids and use the list numbering system to know what part goes where.


The 8×8 storage shed plans include:

  • Translucent Roof – Translucent corrugated roofing lets in plenty of light to help your plants grow.
  • Factory Built Door – Use a 2668 glass or partial glass door
  • Windows – Five windows add light and charm of the 6×8 garden shed.
  • 5 Foundations – Skid, concrete slab, poured concrete pier, concrete block pier, precast pier.
  • Work Benches – Plans are included for work tables along the sides and across the back of the greenhouse directly under the awning windows.
8x8 greenhouse shed plans left rear
8x8 greenhouse shed plans
greenhouse shed pland top view
8x8 green house plans

Greenhouse floor plan showing built in workbench

8x8 greenhouse shed floor plan

8×8 Greenhouse Plans Specifications Overview

These are the basic materials used to build the 8×8 greenhouse shed. Other siding types, doors or windows can be substituted to change the look of the shed.

  • Foundation = 4 different foundations are included in the plans: Wood skid, Concrete slab, Concrete Pier, Pre-cast pier.
  • Floor = 2×6 floor joists with 3/4″ floor sheathing.
  • Walls = 2×4 framing at 16″ on center with a double top plate, just like a home is framed. The wall height is 6′-4″ and the roof goes up from that height to give plenty of headroom in the shed.
  • Door = The 8×8 greenhouse shed plan is designed to use a manufactured pre-hung door with glass in it maximizes day light in the shed. You can order the door as shown on the plan, order a half window door or a solid door with no window.
  • Roof = The roof is framed using 2×4’s to build the roof rafters. The plans include full size to cut out the birds mouth on the rafters.
  • Roofing = It is covered with corrugated translucent fiberglass panels to provide diffused light into the inside of the shed directly through the ceiling.
  • Siding = Rough cut plywood siding with 1×2 battens to give a great cottage greenhouse look. The siding can be stained or painted..
  • Trim = 1×3 and 1×6 wood, masonite or cement trim materials are used to finish the corners, roof eves and fascia, and door.
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Detailed description of what is included in the 8×8 greenhouse shed plans.

An 8×8 greenhouse shed is a great way to build your own simple greenhouse shed. These storage shed plans will instruct you how to build a 8×8 greenhouse shed. Our shed plans use a 8 1/2 x 11″ page format so you can easily print them out on your home printer. All pages of the plans have dimensions on every part.

Green House Plans Example

shed plans example

Exterior Detail Plans

The exterior details are what gives the shed its look. Wood shed plans are typically trimmed with wood, masonite, cement or vinyl trim boards. The details sheet shows where to place the trim boards on the corners, door, roof eves and soffit. The standard trim is 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ and 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ masonite or cement or wood trim boards.

Foundation And Floor Framing Plan

The main foundation plan for our 8×8 greenhouse storage shed is built using 6×6 pressure treated skids. These boards keep the floor off the ground and make the shed easier to move if necessary. There are also plans included that show how to build a Pre-Cast Pier Foundation, Slab Foundation and Building Section, Concrete Pier Foundation Plan and Section and Isometric, Concrete Pier Floor Framing Plan

Wall Framing Plans

The shed walls are framed using 2×4 lumber at 16″ on center for the studs and top and bottom plates. They are sheeted with T-111 exterior siding. You can add other sidings such as stucco or stone to match your home if you like.

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Roof Framing Plans

The roof is framed using simple 2×4’s at 24″ o.c. to stick frame the rafters. The plans give you the dimensions and cut angles so you can build the roof rafters on the ground and then put them up on the top plates. The roof is sheeted using 1/2″ O.S.B.

Door Plans

Since the door is the only moving part on the shed it needs to be built strong. Our door plan shows you how to build a shed door that will outlive the shed. The shed door is built using a 2×4 inner frame faced on the inside with 1/2″ O.S.B. and on the outside there is a layer of T-111 to match the rest of the shed. We use 3 hinges on the doors and the screws go into the inner 2×4 frame of the door to give extra strength.

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